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The Hive & Co.
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Whanganui's Newest Co-Working and Collaboration Space


Kia Ora

The Hive & Co. is a space to work.

The space at The Hive & Co. is designed to fuel creativity through positive interactions, productive meetings, and successful networking. A range of work and meeting spaces are available for your next project, event, or ambitious start-up.


Business Services

For businesses that support other businesses

You might be an accountant, a graphic designer, a freelance journalist, a web or app developer, a business consultant, a lawyer, or a job we have never heard of. Being in the heart of town (literally), next to all the good coffee and food places, the banks, and a little lunchtime shopping is the perfect place to run a business.

One of the reasons The Hive & Co exists is to offer space for those people or small businesses who support business. Basically if you are a business that provides support for other businesses, then that’s you. See “rates and pricing” for desk spaces options. The Hive & Co offer a free one-day strategic business planning training program for all those who sign up for a year.


Entrpreneurs & Start-Ups

For big ideas and fledgling little businesses that will change the world

Starting a business from an idea to making money is hard yakka. The Hive & Co is a space that is designed just for people like you.  We like the “work from a garage” type of story, however there comes a time when it is time to move from the garage to a professional space with good people in the heart of town.

You’d be surprised how many printer or coffee conversations spark a new idea or connect to a new client or customer base just from being part of the buzz.  The Hive & Co offer a free one day strategic business planning training program for all those who sign up for a year.  


What You Get

The Hive & Co. pricing plan includes unlimited ultra-fast broadband and coffee to keep you buzzing all day!

Amenities also include:

  • Boardroom and meeting rooms

  • Power and utilities

  • Printer access (pay-per-page)

  • Secure property storage

  • Invitations to networking events

  • A dedicated desk and chair

  • Own networking event space

  • Scooter / bicycle stand

  • Carpark available

Rates & Pricing


Workspace Rentals

All workspace rentals include ultra-fast broadband.


Hot Desk

Just popping in for a day or need a desk every now and then. Hot-desking right in the middle of town with access to all the amenities and buzzing with good people. This is a good ticket if you are not able to take a permanent desk.



Permanent Desk

Don’t want the hassle of renting and running your own office or the overheads that go with it? Being in the heart of town with a secure base in a modern workspace with others buzzing around you to make goodness…is the way to go. Just google the rise and rise of co-working space.



Private Desk

All the benefits of a permanent desk above, but more! Some people want their own space without others around them, but close by. Kind of not in the buzz but close to it.


Room Rentals

All spaces are for casual or regular hire and include ultra-fast broadband. Half day rentals are from 0830-1230 or 1300-1700.


Board Room

This is a large room with a full board table – in fact the original J. Watties & Sons board table. It seats up to 16 people, overlooks the Sargeant Gallery. Included is a large TV screen with HDMI capability plus a large whiteboard. Catering can be organized but a free cuppa is available too.

$150/half day
$225/full day

Meeting Room

Two (2) medium sized meeting rooms are available each featuring a round table and seating up to 6 people. Whiteboard included and other equipment by agreement. Also available for shorter timeframes as well. Catering can be organized but a free cuppa is available too.

$90/half day
$150/full day


Longboard Space

Need to brainstorm and don’t have enough room?  Well a 3m long whiteboard with a long sofa, fueled by coffee and a whiteboard markers, then we’d be baffled as to why you can’t solve all the world’s problems.  Catering can be organised but a free cuppa is available too.  Includes ultra-fast broadband.

$90/half day
$150/full day

Function Space

Got a big function on?  Well use the whole space – around 200sqm all up including space to present, run a seminar or just simply have a work or social gathering.  The Boardroom, meeting rooms (x2), and the Longboard space are all included, plus a large TV screen with HDMI capability and an extra whiteboard.  If that is not enough then we are stumped!

$350/half day
$600/full day


Pop in!

8am – 5pm Weekdays
Closed Weekends

98 Victoria Avenue, 2nd Floor
(above Frank Bar & Eatery)